The Way Things Work Now

I was science consultant on David Macaulay's The Way Things Work Now.

Apart from writing my own books, I also work as a science consultant, ghost-writer, editor, and editorial adviser, helping other people put together winning books of their own.

With DK, I've worked as a consultant on many award-winning books, including ones by Robert Winston, Johnny Ball, Richard Hammond, and David Macaulay.

If you're a scientist who's keen to write, but you have no idea where to start, maybe I can help? I can show you how to put together a compelling proposal, how to plan and structure your ideas, how to approach agents and publishers, and all the rest of the baffling things that make up the publishing process.

If you're further down the road, with a half-finished book, but you've run out of steam, maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes on what you've done? I've worked as a writer and editor on science and technology books for over 30 years, with a long list of publishers that includes IBM, DK/Penguin, Marshall Cavendish, Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury, and many more. I'm happy to take a look at draft manuscripts, suggest reworkings or restructurings, and help you coax your ideas into shape.