Press (and other coverage)

Every breath you take article from iNews
Every Breath You Take: iNews centrefold article, March 2021. Independent Books of the Month tweet, March 2021
The Independent, Books of the Month, March 2021. Wall Street Journal, 2015
Wall Street Journal review, June 2015.
Daily Mirror Atoms Under the Floorboards
Daily Mirror, feature article, September 2015.
IE&T Interview
E&T interview, March 2021.
Neil Mackay Big Read 2021
Herald 'Big Read', feature, March 2021.
Neil Mackay Big Read 2021
Herald 'Big Read', feature, March 2021.
Airone feature 2019
Airone feature, Italy, 2019.
Il Venerdi Interview 2019
La Repubblica interview, Italy, 2019.
TPI 2019
TPI interview by Nicola Baroni, Italy, 2019.
Balance magazine 2021
Balance feature article, 2021.
New Scientist feature 2008
New Scientist review, 2008.
Mail Cool Stuff Exploded feature 2008
Daily Mail feature, 2008.
Wired/Geek Dad review, Cool Stuff Exploded, 2008
Wired/Geek Dad Review, 2008.
Boing Boing Atoms Under the Floorboards extract 2015
Boing Boing extract, 2015.
AIP science writing award 2016
American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award (Books), 2016.
Physics World Books of Year 2015
Physics World Books of the Year, 2015.
Fun Kids Radio 2021
Fun Kids Radio, 2021.
Cape Argus review
Cape Argus (South Africa) review, 2015.
NSTA recommends
NSTA Recommends, The Science Teacher, 2015.
Science book review
Science review, December 2006.
Washington Post travel article 2021
The Washington Post, interview about climate change, September 2021.


From the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post to New Scientist and The Daily Mail, here's a random selection of press coverage from the last few years. There are many more reviews on the books page. My books are published all around the world so a few of these pieces are not in English. (But you do speak Slovak, don't you... so that's ok.)


Atoms Under the Floorboards

"Cool Stuff" books


Some of these are interviews, some are book reviews, some are one-off articles, some are translated versions of my articles published by other people, some feature quotes from me (or my alter ego, "Explain that Stuff"), and some are interesting, fleeting mentions.

Radio interviews and podcasts

Most of the interviews I've done aren't online, but here are a few that seem to have escaped the "delete" button:


I dropped out of academia and the citation rat-race many years ago and I don't generally write in peer-reviewed journals. But if you're interested in that sort of thing, you can find academic and technical citations to my books (and online articles) through my Google Scholar profile, a general search on Google Scholar (which, for some reason, gives a lot more results), and via Google Books. Take all this with a pinch of salt: like everything Google does, these are automatically "aggregated" and very flawed.


I don't use Twitter, but I do "listen" to the feedback people leave in Tweets about things I've written. This is one of my favourites:

Bosun Tijana tweet